Вопросник по рынку туристического района большой и большой Азии 
  • 女士Ladies/and先生 Gentlemen:

    为了解天涯海角游览区旅游市场有关情况,不断提高我景区接待水平,为您提供更加优质、贴心的服务,请您协助我们填写这张调查表。本问卷调查不涉及姓名、联系方式等隐私,请您放心填写,感谢您的支持! In order to get acquaintance with the tourism market situation of Sanya Dongtian Tourist Areas, continuously improve the reception level of our scenic areas, and provide you with more quality and intimate services, please assist us to fill out this questionnaire. This questionnaire is not involved with personal information such as name and contact information. Please feel free to fill in this questionnaire, and your support is grateful!

  • 1.您通常选择什么时间出游/What time do you usually choose to travel? [多选题/Multiple choice question]

  • 2.您去旅游的目的是什么/ What is the purpose of your trip?[多选题/Multiple choice question]

  • 3.对您来说,旅游这项活动是/ For you, the activity of tourism is: [单选题/Single choice question]

  • 4.您出游的频率是/ How often do you travel: [单选题/Single choice question]

  • 5.您觉得三亚大小洞天旅游区应重点打造何种旅游品牌/What kind of tourism brand do you think that Sanya Dongtian Tourist Areas should focus on? [多选题/Multiple choice question]

  • 6.你觉得三亚大小洞天旅游区,还缺乏什么或什么做的不够好/With regards to the Sanya Dongtian Tourist Areas, what else do you think is lacking or what is not good enough? [多选题/Multiple choice question]

  • 7.您一般和谁出游/Who do you usually travel with? [多选题/Multiple choice questions]

  • 哪类景区更能勾起你的旅游欲望/What kind of scenic spots can arouse your desire for travel? [多选题/Multiple choice questions]

  • 9.您一般通过何种途径了解景区/Which channel do you learn about the scenic area [多选题/Multiple choice questions]

  • 10.景区宣传语对于您出行的借鉴意义/The reference significance of the publicity words in scenic areas for your travel [单选题/Single choice question]

  • 11.三亚大小洞天旅游区的宣传语“中国海南的桃花源”给您的感觉是/What do you think of the slogan "Peach Blossom Land of Hainan, China" in Sanya's Dongtian Tourist Areas? [单选题/Single choice question]

  • 12.您每年在旅游上的花费是 How much do you spend on traveling each year: [单选题/Multiple choice questions]

  • 13.在旅游购物中,您最想买什么/What do you want to buy most in tourism shopping? [单选题/Single choice question]

  • 14.您旅游不买东西的原因是/What are the reasons that you don't buy things during travel? [单选题/Single choice question]

  • 15.您在旅游中最担心的问题是/What the most worried problem in your travel is? [多选题/Multiple choice questions]

  • 16.您的性别/Your gender ?[单选题/Single choice questions]

  • 17.您的年龄/Your age? [单选题/Single choice questions]

  • 18.针对景区现状,您有什么建议/What suggestions do you have for the current situation of the scenic area? ? [填空题/Fill in the blanks]



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